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customer care Features

Unified Interface

Manage all of your tickets and cases faster, in a unified agent experience


Empower customer service engagements to manage customer voices across web, social, chat, email, mobile, and phone, including customer self-service and social care


Decrease handle-time and increase customer satisfaction. Providing unified queue, collision controls, team-based routing, internal notes and approval systems, the solution helps customer service teams inside and outside of the contact center work together more efficiently

Self Service

Knowledge Base
Help your customers get instant answers by creating a knowledge base that is available when needed, where you can share your technical documentation, product tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, and other tips in a single repository. This will help you, not only improve customer satisfaction, but also reduce your ticket volume.

Online Support Portal
Provide a customizable online support portal that leverages an organized, searchable knowledgebase to deliver real-time updates and consistent answers to questions. You can easily customize the look, feel and functionalities of the portal to include a responsive design, drag & drop widgets along with multi-language support.

Automated Service
Powered by "hashtagy" solution provides 24/7 Automated Customer Service, Instant response to customers' inquiries, Simultaneous multiple responses and Info-graphical reports of customers behavior, utilizing Twitter, by using specific keywords to get relevant information sent back to customers tweeting about a certain subject. This service provides timely response to customer requests/complaints to increase satisfaction.


Utilizing powerful social tools in the hands of your service teams, the solution helps them gain insight into how people feel about the business and to proactively connect on social media with customers, fans, and critics.
You can better engage with customers on their terms on social channels, listen and analyze interactions and use social data, like sentiment, to trigger workflow and handing.


Gain insight through dashboards, deep analytics, and powerful data visualization capabilities using your desktop, laptop or tablet

Real-Time Tracking & Reporting

Deliver impactful reports on team performance and customer feedback with a real time Dashboard and Analytics to leverage insights throughout your business.


Empower your customers with intelligent 24/7 accessible support services. Give your customers the answers they need, whenever they need them giving you and your agents the right systems to resolve cases quickly and easily.


ERP Integration
With CRM and ERP integration, organizations can focus more on driving new business and less on the hassles of trying to make data available.

IVR Integration
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology enables customers to use the keys on a touch-tone phone to access information and services. It gives access to real time customer data and information providing real time feedback and data mining capabilities.